Words from a Poem

I am a poem,
A sum.
A collection of thoughts,
Of words.
Each one specifically chosen for me,
Each its own significance.
Though they hold their own value,
Non are as strong as me.
My underlying themes are many,
Meanings are plenty.
Each of my lines a rung,
Each break stops tongue.
I am the whole of the parts,
The more to the less.
I have the power to stop hearts,
To spark inspiration.
I bring emotion to the surface,
And laureates to their knees.
I make some question,
And others believe.
A collection of views,
Of opinions.
I am boastful.
I am modest.
I am proud
I am humble.
I am the sum.
I am a poem.

1 comment:

  1. Nick, how do you like my "God Wrote A Book" 100 worder? Or "Do You Have a Minute?" where there's a picture of hands holding light? We convey similar ideas; we say different things.