Day to Night

The day stretches
Too long for what I need
Too short for what I want.
The night comes too slowly
For my wishes to wish
I speak all except for those
Those I hope for me
If wishing cannot
Then will I will
But as day draws closed
And night draws near
Twilight holds long enough to dream
And in the end
If we cannot dream
Then time holds no value


  1. Hi Nick,
    I'm following you avidly but... this one escapes me. Perhaps it is just over my head, and what I think that I do understand, I don't agree with. I guess I'm too literal.
    Keep posting, I'll keep reading.

  2. hey, mickey. first off, thank you for being such a great support for me. and yeah, this one is one of my more scattered poems. the idea comes out of the thought that i don't really have the time of day to do the things i want because i'm too busy doing the things i have to get done. that life has gotten in the way of striving for my dreams and that as the busy day becomes night all i have is hope to fulfill my dreams. but still, there is always room for dreaming. and if dreaming is not enough, and there is no time in the day, somehow, some way i still need to will myself to follow my dreams.

  3. Your explanation is more poignant than you may think. We all get lost in the 'must' vs. 'want' maze at times and much religion and spiritual lip movements are dedicated to explaining/exploiting this age-old conundrum. While reading your explanation I got images of the toiling worker, exhausted, climbing to the roof and looking at the stars. While 'reaching' for the sky he falls asleep, again, and has only dreams.
    Rousing himself for bed, for the next days toil, he comforts himself, as he envisions days, weeks and a lifetime of doing what he 'has to' do stretch before him, by murmuring, "At least at twilight I still have dreams" Just before, of course, he falls into an exhausted, dreamless sleep.
    Am I getting it?
    Thanks for keeping in touch & pushing me. The blog has been a very interesting hobby, so far, and the # of 'views' makes me feel like somebody must like some of what I'm doing!
    Next step the website for the nostalgic Baltimore novel &, I guess, the self-publishing route via Amazon.
    Let me know when/if you ever have time to read the 1st few chapters & offer any advice.
    Your work is thought provoking, to say the least, & I'm delighted to be associated with it.