In Difference We're Same

Every one is different,
And in that we're the same.
We all have our specialty,
Same as those who already came,
And some that are still here.

How do I tell my daughter
"You're special like everyone else"?
How do I help her
Find the something she does
That no one else can claim
Or has never done?

It was hard enough to tell myself
Impossible to discover
My own one thing that no one else knows
My own one thing that no one else does
And even when I find it
How do I perfect it so people actually care?

Blind Men Follow

Some leaders do not lead
They simply make decisions
Then stand in the back
As the rabble carries out the mission
The rabble does not question
For fear of leader's wild indiscretion
And his ability to crush them
With another snap decision
So they follow blindly
Not in faith, but in fear
Questioning only each other
In their degree of allegiance to leader

More Coming, I promise

It has been a long, long time since I posted any new material, but I've been working on lots of things. There are a few new poems in the works and an entirely new venture that I'll hopefully launch a little later in the year.

In the meantime, look at this adorable cat...i mean, come on...