Oxford Comma National Flag

In answer to Vampire Weekend’s question, I give a fuck about an Oxford comma.

Why? Because it effectively separates listed components, doesn’t make you think that two things are listed together and considered the same, and it allows the reader to easily follow the beat of the sentence. That’s why.

Still, the Oxford (or serial) comma is under attack by those who deem it unnecessary. In conversation with Stephen Brockelman (@Baltimore21201), a fellow downtrodden-punctuation lover, I quipped that the Oxford comma should have its own flag to defend when under attack. Stephen felt the same about the semicolon and thus created The Official Semicolon Flag. He then challenged me to create my own for the Oxford comma.

So, in response to the onslaught of exclusion and the challenge presented by Stephen, I present the Oxford Comma National Flag.


  1. I have to admit, I use often myself. It really does make more sense.

  2. Well done. My editor could be Prime Minister of Commaland.