Love Poem from Hades

Persephone, my love, my goddess, my queen
My want for you is not lust, nor crude, nor obscene
It is an infinite yearning of which my infatuation feeds
Mine, my love, I wish for you to forever be

Every goddess measures herself to your beauty
When they cry and yell, they scream out in pure jealousy
Thus I open the ground for none other than she
Plucked like the flowers you pull from the greens

My only contest is your mother’s pleas
I do my best to reason, but she refuses to see
I beg and order and scream, but she disagrees
Still, until the other gods complain, I shall not heed

Your mother’s scorn, however, will never concede
Creating an endless winter where grow no trees
But let Zeus watch his world wither in subzero degrees
And Poseidon see his waves die and freeze

If I ruled the air or perhaps the sea
It would matter not that you and me are we
But the short stick I drew has imprisoned me
To rule the men in the world beneath

I fight for you, I bare my teeth
I drool, I foam, I bark, and seethe
I rip, I claw until I fail to breathe
But in the end, my love, I must bequeath

Not my choice, quite opposite my wish, for you to leave
It doesn’t matter what’s true, but what they believe
So have of just a few of my pomegranate seeds
And you shall be here, by my side, for three

I would gladly strip the name Hades
The name when mentioned strikes fear in mortal entities
I would relinquish the label of god and immortality
And suffer by your side in Tartarus for all eternity

I would drip my blood entirely
That is if my blood, like man, could bleed
I would unshackle myself from these dead beings
Give it up, my life, my power, and all my means

For when you are by my side I am victim of no needs
Because there is no other of which I can conceive
To better fill my heart than thee
My companion, my goddess, my queen, my sweet, loving Persephone

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