When a star burns out there is no one there to morn it other than the few that happen to view that speck of space at that very moment. The luck they attribute to this star’s poor misery is a travesty to the memory of the star. For someone’s luck is another’s death.

So, when a life ends to make way for the luck of another, is it probable to assume that one must suffer for another to be redeemed? Life strikes such a balance between predator and prey, up and down, wrong and right. Is it odd to assume that the same balance has been stricken between love and hate, luck and misery, good fortune and bad? If one has eighteen children, does it mean that eighteen shall have none? Do the thriving unknowingly build their success on the despair of the unfortunate? If the unfortunate were to become fortunate, would it be at the demise of their neighbor? If there were no downtrodden, would there be no prosperous? What would life be if there was no prosperity?

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