Mere English

If I could truly explain,
In mere English,
The depths to which my soul aches,
I would declare myself,
The greatest wordsmith of all.
However, the immaturity of our great language,
Has left such a hole to describe.
One that can never be filled by words.

Even if such a word or phrase,
Could be imagined,
Its use would be too much,
For its meaning to bear.
So I lie still in my ache,
And ponder how to explain,
But only find the despair,
Of my fragile soul gather strength.

1 comment:

  1. Not just English, but language itself. From what little of foreign languages I know German and Yiddish (related) and Russian have better adaptability to aching despair. Latin is concise. French is fluid and sensuous. Chinese is precise yet full of multiple meanings.
    English is the polyglot bastard child of Latin, French and German. We can express anything, but nothing as well as the others. However, in your hands, English does pretty well.